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s2e14 Did Liz fall off the wagon?

Liz is not sure, and it has caused her concern, but after a conversation with Kathleen they determine if Liz fell off the wagon. What do you think? Also, is Halloween the booziest holiday and the more you stay in, the less you go out.



s2e8 Get Past the Shame

Liz is rambling…again! In follow up from episode 7 friends talk, Liz is responding to comments that were sent from that episode.  Most importantly, talking about not burying your shame from drinking and as that only allows it to grow.  Attack that shame and move forward! It is hard…hard work.

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s2e8 Friends – Do you still have them?

How tough it is to navigate friends when starting on the journey retired from drinking.  How do you tell them?  What if the judge?  Liz is touching on all these topics and he best tip when navigating the friends and keeping too many!



episode 31: Question! What are you doing for personal development/reading to stay sober

Kathleen & Liz are answering a listener question! yay, we love questions!

What books do you read and podcasts do you listen to to help you stay sober or for development?

and…should we start a book club?

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Episode 29:Question? Anxiety take over?

Sorry for the delay!  Liz was having some technical difficulties, all cleared up now! This week we are answering a question from an awesome listener.  We are talking all about anxiety and how we got through that in the early days.  Take a listen and be sure to rate and review the podcast. Also, keep those questions coming!  We love it!

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episode 21: Question? How do you prepare for…?

We have gotten this question a few times recently, especially coming off the holiday, summer outings, vacations etc.

How do you prepare for…?

Friends have asked, some honestly really inquiring how do you go out with friends or more specifically other moms and not drink. Kath and Liz also chat about day drinking, how the Mommy stigma with wine and drinking seems to go hand and hand, and we share some feedback from our own kids on when we drank.

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Episode 19 Meet Kylie!

Yay, welcome Kylie!  This is such a fun connection and having Kylie contribute to the discussion is just awesome!  What is even better is how all the connections came together.  Kylie is celebrate 121 days of retirement from from drinking, it is great to hear her about her journey and perspective thus far.

Would you be willing to share your story?  Let me hear from you!

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Episode 16 Question? How do you stay retired?

A question!  Liz responds to a question,

How have you stayed retired from drinking? Do you think you could go to moderation?

Lots of goodness in this answer.  Share your tips on how you stay in check, Liz will give the feedback on the next podcast!

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