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s3e5 Quarantine with a Drinker

Kathleen and Liz are catching up on what feels like day 1,345,600 of social distancing/stay at home.  Liz is home with a drinker and is finding it challenging, annoying and pretty much ready to crack! Should she just drink the Truly? It isnt the staying at home, it is the staying at home with a drinker that is driving her nuts!




s3e4: Covid Social Distancing

Kathleen and Liz are checking in with everyone during this time we are social distancing.  Kathleen is sharing her experience with Covid and how crazy this experience has been. How are you coping and staying retired during this time?




s3e2 Is it a cliche?

The wheels may fall off a bit in this episode, but we are mom’s and kids are always bursting into our daily routine, even when they are 20 years old! We are talking about if sobriety groups are a cliche and how it may feel that way and as usual it leads to different paths.

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s2e14 Did Liz fall off the wagon?

Liz is not sure, and it has caused her concern, but after a conversation with Kathleen they determine if Liz fell off the wagon. What do you think? Also, is Halloween the booziest holiday and the more you stay in, the less you go out.



s2e12 – Meet Jess! A Sober Girls Guide

Kathleen and Liz are chatting with Jess from A Sober Girls Guide.  Jess is the founder of A Sober Girls Guide, a health and wellness site and community for women in recovery.  She is sharing all the fun work she is doing including the release of her book and how self care should be a part of your day.  You can find Jess on Instagram @asobergirlsguide you will know her from all her bright fun colors!

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s2e11 – Mother’s Day

In this episode, Kathleen and Liz are talking about how Mother’s Day has changed not drinking, and how coping without your mom on Mother’s Day is tough, when you may just want to have a drink.  They are also a little obsessed with OT workouts and achieving spalt points, just a rant. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, all types of mom’s!



s2e3 A Little Bit of Everything!

Kathleen and Liz are catching up on all things random from what may have been a date for Kathleen, getting real about what keeps them sober and retired from drinking.

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s2e2 – Fitness & Sobriety

Kathleen & Liz are talking about fitness and how fitness plays a part in their sobriety and managing the anxiety of the day to day.  They have evolved from when Liz used to run off a hangover to now both of them stumbling through new workouts. Still looking for a way to produce a good sounding podcast too.

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episode 34: Book Club 1 – November 18

Kathleen and Liz are ready to kick off our first month off the Drunk Mom Sober Mom Book Club! Please be sure to listen to this kick off episode of the podcast. The objective of the book club is to assist and support one another in our retirement from drinking through personal development, books! This is an awesome positive resource to support everyone in their retirement from drinking.

episode 33: Meet Jenn aka SoberSis

Meet Jenn aka SoberSis.  Kathleen and Liz are talking with Jenn aka SoberSis, just another Instagram connection who is part of this amazing community.  Jenn is sharing her story along with all she is doing to help others in this community.  You can follow SoberSis on Instagram.

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episode 32: Meet Alyson of SoberMomTribe

Meet Alyson!  Alyson is creating a community, a community of moms who are looking to connecting and stay sober.  She shares her story, how she started the community and what is next.  Be sure to follow along with all of her goodness at:


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episode 31: Question! What are you doing for personal development/reading to stay sober

Kathleen & Liz are answering a listener question! yay, we love questions!

What books do you read and podcasts do you listen to to help you stay sober or for development?

and…should we start a book club?

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Episode 30 College football season & travel…sober

Episode 30…WoW!

It is college football season, which has always equated another reason to drink. Kath and Liz are talking about how to approach this season, retired from drinking including going to the big game! Talking travel too!

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Episode 29:Question? Anxiety take over?

Sorry for the delay!  Liz was having some technical difficulties, all cleared up now! This week we are answering a question from an awesome listener.  We are talking all about anxiety and how we got through that in the early days.  Take a listen and be sure to rate and review the podcast. Also, keep those questions coming!  We love it!

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Episode 27: Meet Lindsay!

Yay!  Meet Lindsay!  Lindsay is an awesome mom of 2, living the sober life in Hawaii.  We chat about how she became sober on a tropical paradise and the positiive impact it has had in her life!

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episode 26: Anxiety, How do you cope?

Who knew the anxiety would be so real when retiring from drinking?  Is it suppressed from years of drinking and not moving through it?  Is it something that will always be there?  Kath and Liz are talking about how they are moving through it in hopes that it is on the way out.

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episode 25: Clean & Sober Love

Kath and Liz are talking with Joaquin, the mind behind the Clean & Sober Love app which is a way for people in recovery to connect with others in recovery. Joaquin shares his recovery story and all he is doing in the community and Kath may just try it out!

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episode 23 Mommy Drinking in the Media

How frustrating is it that the media encourages the ‘mommy’ drinking marketing.  This is something that has become so much more prevalent in our society over the past few years, and it is pissing Kathleen & Liz off!  Listen as they chat about how they are now more aware, how they move past it and how they just dont want ‘mommy & drinking’ to be in an ad or all over social, especially when marketing a deadly substance to moms or anyone for that matter!  Kathleen and Liz’s biggest regret is they missed out on time of their kids being little, because they were drunk.  They do not want that same regret for other moms.

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episode 21: Question? How do you prepare for…?

We have gotten this question a few times recently, especially coming off the holiday, summer outings, vacations etc.

How do you prepare for…?

Friends have asked, some honestly really inquiring how do you go out with friends or more specifically other moms and not drink. Kath and Liz also chat about day drinking, how the Mommy stigma with wine and drinking seems to go hand and hand, and we share some feedback from our own kids on when we drank.

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episode 20! Kath is Back!

Episode 20, wow!  Kath is back and we are checking in!  This is a good old rambling of what Kathleen has been up to, how she is staying sober and mourning the loss of LeBron for these to CAVS fans that are too invested in sports.

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episode 11 generation gap

Kathleen and Liz are super excited to have a guest! Kara Cocco is amazing, well spoken and we are just thrilled for her to share her perspective as we discuss the difference in how millennial’s drink vs generation x’s. We realize every person has their own drinking pattern, this is ours.

Episode 10 – Rock bottom

Kathleen and Liz are talking about hitting rock bottom.  We really dont have a good rock bottom story, but is a rock bottom a good thing?  We have a lot of  cons that out weighed the pros of the drinking lifestyle, but not a concrete rock bottom that forced us to quit drinking.  Do you have a rock bottom story?  Would you want to share it with us?  We would love to hear from you!  @simonbob @klynch7811

Episode 8 – The Naked Mind Part 1

Kathleen and Liz are chatting about The Naked Mind by Annie Grace. This book is full of so much goodness, so much that Liz took pages of notes and Kathleen highlighted her way just through the Preface, Intro and Chapter 1. They also touch on surviving March Madness without sitting in a bar watching games and feeling amazing after not having green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. It is a win!

Episode 7 It is Not About You

Me not drinking is not about you! That is what Kathleen and Liz would like the post it note attached to their forehead to say or maybe a business card type of object they could hand out when they are talking about not drinking with friends. They also touch briefly on a few things that help to get into retirement and stay in retirement from drinking. The sweetest part of the podcast may just be the giggles of Reily, Kathleen’s’ 18 year old daughter. 🙂