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s2e12 – Meet Jess! A Sober Girls Guide

Kathleen and Liz are chatting with Jess from A Sober Girls Guide.  Jess is the founder of A Sober Girls Guide, a health and wellness site and community for women in recovery.  She is sharing all the fun work she is doing including the release of her book and how self care should be a part of your day.  You can find Jess on Instagram @asobergirlsguide you will know her from all her bright fun colors!

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s2e6 Feedback from a 16 y/0

This week Liz is chatting with her first born, Grace!  Grace gives us her 16 year old input on drinking, what it was like when her mom did drink and how she feels about her not drinking now.  They talk about some upcoming fears and how things only are shameful when you allow them to be.

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s2e5 Kate from The Sober School

We are excited to bring you another awesome tool for you on this journey, Kate from The Sober School.

Kate is brings so much goodness in her story and all she is doing with The Sober School.  She has awesome resources on her site, including a Pep Talk and so many helpful tips in her blog!Be sure to follow The Sober School on Instagram!

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episode 33: Meet Jenn aka SoberSis

Meet Jenn aka SoberSis.  Kathleen and Liz are talking with Jenn aka SoberSis, just another Instagram connection who is part of this amazing community.  Jenn is sharing her story along with all she is doing to help others in this community.  You can follow SoberSis on Instagram.

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episode 32: Meet Alyson of SoberMomTribe

Meet Alyson!  Alyson is creating a community, a community of moms who are looking to connecting and stay sober.  She shares her story, how she started the community and what is next.  Be sure to follow along with all of her goodness at:


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Episode 27: Meet Lindsay!

Yay!  Meet Lindsay!  Lindsay is an awesome mom of 2, living the sober life in Hawaii.  We chat about how she became sober on a tropical paradise and the positiive impact it has had in her life!

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episode 25: Clean & Sober Love

Kath and Liz are talking with Joaquin, the mind behind the Clean & Sober Love app which is a way for people in recovery to connect with others in recovery. Joaquin shares his recovery story and all he is doing in the community and Kath may just try it out!

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episode 22: Meet Lisa!

29 years is a long time…a really long time and that is how long Lisa has been retired from drinking.  Actually, Lisa is who came up with the phrase for me to be retired from drinking.  Lisa shares her story about quitting drinking at 16 years old, her perspective on being in retirement from drinking and gives a great piece of advise on how to stay strong.  I am so thrilled to share here with you all!  Enjoy!

Here is a link to my story I refer to in the intro of Lisa, when I was sitting in the hallway in Columbus debating if I should quit drinking.

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Episode 19 Meet Kylie!

Yay, welcome Kylie!  This is such a fun connection and having Kylie contribute to the discussion is just awesome!  What is even better is how all the connections came together.  Kylie is celebrate 121 days of retirement from from drinking, it is great to hear her about her journey and perspective thus far.

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episode 11 generation gap

Kathleen and Liz are super excited to have a guest! Kara Cocco is amazing, well spoken and we are just thrilled for her to share her perspective as we discuss the difference in how millennial’s drink vs generation x’s. We realize every person has their own drinking pattern, this is ours.