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s2e11 – Mother’s Day

In this episode, Kathleen and Liz are talking about how Mother’s Day has changed not drinking, and how coping without your mom on Mother’s Day is tough, when you may just want to have a drink.  They are also a little obsessed with OT workouts and achieving spalt points, just a rant. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, all types of mom’s!



s2e6 Feedback from a 16 y/0

This week Liz is chatting with her first born, Grace!  Grace gives us her 16 year old input on drinking, what it was like when her mom did drink and how she feels about her not drinking now.  They talk about some upcoming fears and how things only are shameful when you allow them to be.

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Episode 7 It is Not About You

Me not drinking is not about you! That is what Kathleen and Liz would like the post it note attached to their forehead to say or maybe a business card type of object they could hand out when they are talking about not drinking with friends. They also touch briefly on a few things that help to get into retirement and stay in retirement from drinking. The sweetest part of the podcast may just be the giggles of Reily, Kathleen’s’ 18 year old daughter. 🙂

episode 4: family part 1 with liz

first up to talk family, is liz.

her crazy crew is non-stop, super active, always something going on. the biggest question she gets is

‘how do you manage it all?’

she is working on answer all that, but for now they just seem to make it work.

todd – husband

grace – 15

wyatt – 13

jesse – 9

mae – 6