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episode 34: Book Club 1 – November 18

Kathleen and Liz are ready to kick off our first month off the Drunk Mom Sober Mom Book Club! Please be sure to listen to this kick off episode of the podcast. The objective of the book club is to assist and support one another in our retirement from drinking through personal development, books! This is an awesome positive resource to support everyone in their retirement from drinking.

episode 31: Question! What are you doing for personal development/reading to stay sober

Kathleen & Liz are answering a listener question! yay, we love questions!

What books do you read and podcasts do you listen to to help you stay sober or for development?

and…should we start a book club?

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episode 17: Faith, Abundance & Resources

Liz talks about Faith, Abundance and how she shifted her perspective 160 days into her retired from drinking journey.  She shares resources she has found over the days as well.

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Episode 8 – The Naked Mind Part 1

Kathleen and Liz are chatting about The Naked Mind by Annie Grace. This book is full of so much goodness, so much that Liz took pages of notes and Kathleen highlighted her way just through the Preface, Intro and Chapter 1. They also touch on surviving March Madness without sitting in a bar watching games and feeling amazing after not having green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. It is a win!