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s2e12 – Meet Jess! A Sober Girls Guide

Kathleen and Liz are chatting with Jess from A Sober Girls Guide.  Jess is the founder of A Sober Girls Guide, a health and wellness site and community for women in recovery.  She is sharing all the fun work she is doing including the release of her book and how self care should be a part of your day.  You can find Jess on Instagram @asobergirlsguide you will know her from all her bright fun colors!

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s2e11 – Mother’s Day

In this episode, Kathleen and Liz are talking about how Mother’s Day has changed not drinking, and how coping without your mom on Mother’s Day is tough, when you may just want to have a drink.  They are also a little obsessed with OT workouts and achieving spalt points, just a rant. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, all types of mom’s!



s2e10 – Catching Up

Liz & Kathleen are catching up, talking about trying to work through lows, staying sober through the never ending winter and even how do you hook up sober? Too funny!

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