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s2e3 A Little Bit of Everything!

Kathleen and Liz are catching up on all things random from what may have been a date for Kathleen, getting real about what keeps them sober and retired from drinking.

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s2e2 – Fitness & Sobriety

Kathleen & Liz are talking about fitness and how fitness plays a part in their sobriety and managing the anxiety of the day to day.  They have evolved from when Liz used to run off a hangover to now both of them stumbling through new workouts. Still looking for a way to produce a good sounding podcast too.

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episode 37: 2018…check

Liz is sharing her Top 5 of spending these last 365 days retired from drinking.  Spoiler alert, number 5 is she has no intention to going back.  Good bye to 2018 and only amazingness is ahead for Drunk Mom Sober Mom!

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