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episode 33: Meet Jenn aka SoberSis

Meet Jenn aka SoberSis.  Kathleen and Liz are talking with Jenn aka SoberSis, just another Instagram connection who is part of this amazing community.  Jenn is sharing her story along with all she is doing to help others in this community.  You can follow SoberSis on Instagram.

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episode 32: Meet Alyson of SoberMomTribe

Meet Alyson!  Alyson is creating a community, a community of moms who are looking to connecting and stay sober.  She shares her story, how she started the community and what is next.  Be sure to follow along with all of her goodness at:


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episode 31: Question! What are you doing for personal development/reading to stay sober

Kathleen & Liz are answering a listener question! yay, we love questions!

What books do you read and podcasts do you listen to to help you stay sober or for development?

and…should we start a book club?

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Episode 30 College football season & travel…sober

Episode 30…WoW!

It is college football season, which has always equated another reason to drink. Kath and Liz are talking about how to approach this season, retired from drinking including going to the big game! Talking travel too!

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