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Episode 27: Meet Lindsay!

Yay!  Meet Lindsay!  Lindsay is an awesome mom of 2, living the sober life in Hawaii.  We chat about how she became sober on a tropical paradise and the positiive impact it has had in her life!

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episode 26: Anxiety, How do you cope?

Who knew the anxiety would be so real when retiring from drinking?  Is it suppressed from years of drinking and not moving through it?  Is it something that will always be there?  Kath and Liz are talking about how they are moving through it in hopes that it is on the way out.

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episode 25: Clean & Sober Love

Kath and Liz are talking with Joaquin, the mind behind the Clean & Sober Love app which is a way for people in recovery to connect with others in recovery. Joaquin shares his recovery story and all he is doing in the community and Kath may just try it out!

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