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episode 24: Angry Mom Sober Mom

On this journey of retirement from drinking, Liz is on a super rough patch.  Is this part of the journey?  Part of the cleaning out?  What has helped you get past anxiety and depression?  Please share!  I promise next week I will be back to the positive podcast self. xoxoxo



episode 23 Mommy Drinking in the Media

How frustrating is it that the media encourages the ‘mommy’ drinking marketing.  This is something that has become so much more prevalent in our society over the past few years, and it is pissing Kathleen & Liz off!  Listen as they chat about how they are now more aware, how they move past it and how they just dont want ‘mommy & drinking’ to be in an ad or all over social, especially when marketing a deadly substance to moms or anyone for that matter!  Kathleen and Liz’s biggest regret is they missed out on time of their kids being little, because they were drunk.  They do not want that same regret for other moms.

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episode 22: Meet Lisa!

29 years is a long time…a really long time and that is how long Lisa has been retired from drinking.  Actually, Lisa is who came up with the phrase for me to be retired from drinking.  Lisa shares her story about quitting drinking at 16 years old, her perspective on being in retirement from drinking and gives a great piece of advise on how to stay strong.  I am so thrilled to share here with you all!  Enjoy!

Here is a link to my story I refer to in the intro of Lisa, when I was sitting in the hallway in Columbus debating if I should quit drinking.

Conversation #102

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episode 21: Question? How do you prepare for…?

We have gotten this question a few times recently, especially coming off the holiday, summer outings, vacations etc.

How do you prepare for…?

Friends have asked, some honestly really inquiring how do you go out with friends or more specifically other moms and not drink. Kath and Liz also chat about day drinking, how the Mommy stigma with wine and drinking seems to go hand and hand, and we share some feedback from our own kids on when we drank.

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episode 20! Kath is Back!

Episode 20, wow!  Kath is back and we are checking in!  This is a good old rambling of what Kathleen has been up to, how she is staying sober and mourning the loss of LeBron for these to CAVS fans that are too invested in sports.

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