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Episode 19 Meet Kylie!

Yay, welcome Kylie!  This is such a fun connection and having Kylie contribute to the discussion is just awesome!  What is even better is how all the connections came together.  Kylie is celebrate 121 days of retirement from from drinking, it is great to hear her about her journey and perspective thus far.

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episode 18 Golf Outing & Mantras

This weekend Liz navigated her first golf outing and reflects on how day drinking days have changed.  A tool in the tool box to stay in retirement?  Mantras.  Do you have one?  Would you share?  We all need more mantras in our life.

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episode 17: Faith, Abundance & Resources

Liz talks about Faith, Abundance and how she shifted her perspective 160 days into her retired from drinking journey.  She shares resources she has found over the days as well.

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Episode 16 Question? How do you stay retired?

A question!  Liz responds to a question,

How have you stayed retired from drinking? Do you think you could go to moderation?

Lots of goodness in this answer.  Share your tips on how you stay in check, Liz will give the feedback on the next podcast!

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